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Pigment Powder
We are providing Disperse Dyes for industries such as textiles. Available in various colors, they create a number of patterns and designs. These dyes, less water soluble than acids, aid manufacturing processes effectively. Ready-made and user-friendly, they ensure efficient results in industrial applications.
Acid Dyes
We offer Acid Dyes for diverse industries, especially textiles. These dyes color fabrics effectively in acidic or neutral conditions, soluble in water. Safe and designed for vibrant clothing, they differ in molecular structure from standard dyes, meeting varied design requirements with reliable performance.

Basic Dyes
We supply diverse Basic Dyes for commercial use, crucial in textiles and other industries. Insoluble in water with a unique molecular structure, these dyes come in various colors to meet demand. Ideal for wool, silk, acrylic, and blends, they offer strong coloring capabilities with vibrant shades and high tinctorial value, essential for industrial processes.

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